My name is Jorge Enrique Arredondo Meza, & I’m the creator & owner of Apotheckare. I decided to create this platform because I felt called to share my healing with the collective. What started as a natural desire to heal myself has evolved into a platform for commerce, communication, & community. I fell into plant-based skincare after a dear friend of mine & Apotheckare blogger, @lauraxxgon, recommended the oil cleansing method. Wanting to figure out my personal, perfect oil blend sparked a creative fire in me that kept me sane as I completed my undergraduate education at Duke University.

Apotheckare is a queer-owned business dedicated to plant-based healing & promoting wellness, awareness, & sustainability. Our vision is to revolutionize the beauty & wellness industries & make them more accessible to underserved & underrepresented communities through education, story-telling, & documentation.