Superfoods for the Soul: Aloe Vera

A superfood is defined as a food, usually plant-based, that is believed to be nutritionally dense and therefore really beneficial to one’s health. In “reality”, the term superfood was fabricated for marketing purposes meant to influence consumption trends and sell products (shoutout to capitalism). But who’s to say what’s real and what isn’t?? The word superfood sounds nice and makes me feel like eating superfoods gets me closer to being my higher, superself.
Lets get into the real superfood of this blog post.

I first started using aloe vera around the summer of 2018. I had watched a couple of videos where people go to sleep with it on their faces for an entire week, only to wake up on the last day with the most glowing, radiant skin. Additionally, I had heard that it provides amazing sunburn relief. If this plant has the power to heal a sunburn, can you imagine what kind of healing it can provide for the skin on your face?? Needless to say, I came across an aloe vera leaf that my mom had recently bought, almost as if she knew I would use it soon. Let’s not forget, we are infinitely present in divine timing.
So after using the aloe vera daily for about a week, I can say the rumors are true. Aloe vera is truly a magical plant. After using it daily for about a week, it dissolved hyperpigmentation scars from my face and left me with freshly feed, dewy skin that radiated from within. I used it again this previous month, and experienced similar results. Aside from its magical skin healing properties, it can also be consumed orally to alleviate constipation. My mami recently told me that aloe veras can feel stagnant, negative energies and that their leaves will get dark and droopy when they feel these energies for long periods of time. Sounds pretty magical to me ;)

BRUJA TIP: Store your aloe vera leaves in the fridge to keep them cool and refreshing.