Aloha y hola to all who are reading!

I am Laura, I’m here to bring you some knowledge that I’ve learned and picked up along the way of my personal skincare journey. Before I begin I want to thank the creator(!!!) of this website! JORGE!! He is a very good friend of mine, and I love that he’s given me this opportunity. Now let’s get this ball rolling! 

Today, I want to talk about the one rule that completely changed my skin. So, I follow ‪@LaBeautyologist on Twitter. She’s a licensed esthetician known for her features in Cosmo, Allure Magazine, & Reader’s Digest. Additionally, she is well known for her endorsement of the  “60 second rule.” The 60 second rule is simply that. You wash your face with your hands & fingers for 60 seconds. By lengthening your cleansing time, you are giving your cleanser more time to do its job! It has more time to get in your pores and get that dirt out. This will also help with your skin’s texture! Most people spend about 15 to 20 seconds washing their face and it’s nowhere near enough time for your products to work their magic—tragic.  

Since discovering this tip, my skin has never looked so good or been healthier! While I do double cleanse, & use chemical exfoliators, the state of my skin drastically improved once I started being more intentional with my cleansing & started taking more time for it. I start with an oil cleanse for 60 seconds and follow up with a foaming cleanser. Basically, I wash my face for a total of two minutes. Although, lately I’ve been going in with my oil cleanser for upwards of five minutes. I take my time and love my skin while doing so! This is my night time routine so it feels like I’m washing away all the tension from the day. Ever since I started washing my face for a longer time, I noticed oil plugs, also known as sebum plugs, come out of my pores. This is great because it allows me to unclog the pores, without having to pick at my face!


The longer you massage your cleanser, the more you lightly exfoliate your skin without the rough abrasion of traditional face scrubs.

I truly, honestly whole heartedly encourage you to wash your face for at least 60 seconds! You don’t have to oil cleanse like I do, but just taking that little extra time before bed or waking up early to wash your face for just a little longer will help out so much in the long run! If you don’t believe me, go check out the hashtag on twitter #60secondrule and see it for yourself!